Celebrity Chef Gordon Ramsay Learns How To Make Cocaine From Scratch With Guerrillas In The Jungle

by 1 year ago
chef Gordon Ramsay learns to make cocaine

Gordon Ramsay / YouTube

Celebrity Chef Gordon Ramsay has a 2-part documentary coming out this month titled Gordon On Cocaine which will air on ITV. Gordon Ramsay has released this short clip of himself and his film crew trekking through the jungle to a hidden cocaine laboratory where he learns how to make the world’s #1 party drug from scratch.

When chef Gordon Ramsay first arrives at the guerrilla cocaine factory in the jungle to find workers crushing up coca leaves like wine workers smashing grapes he remarks that it’s “almost like finishing a fresh soufflé with icing powder.” And I’m pretty sure this is the first time in history that someone has likened the manufacturing of cocaine to dressing a soufflé in the kitchen.

Here’s chef Gordon Ramsay learning how to make cocaine in the jungle:

“I’m appalled at what goes into it.” That’s not exactly what you want to hear someone saying about a drug that will later get snorted up your nose and into your bloodstream. Everyone’s led to believe that cocaine from Colombia/Bolivia is ‘pure’. But we watched them dump cement and sulphuric acid. Sulphuric acid is used in explosive, the manufacturing of drugs and fertilizer. It’s gnarly stuff. And to learn that cocaine is loaded with the product has to be a bit chilling for some.

I kind of loved when the conversation took a turn to “It’s like something out of ‘Harry Potter’, does he know what ‘Harry Potter’ is?” The idea of some guerrillas in the jungle reading/watching Harry Potter amuses the shit out of me. Sadly, they don’t know what Harry Potter is, a fact that Chef Gordon Ramsay seems to relish in.

Again, this clip is a look at a 2-part documentary titled Gordon on Cocaine that will air on ITV. That premieres on October 19th and 26th according to the description of the YouTube video above. Unfortunately for us, ITV is a UK-based independent station so we’ll have to wait for these episodes to hit YouTube and/or other parts of the Internet, if you get my drift.

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