New Rumors Say ‘Grand Theft Auto 6’ Will Be Returning To Vice City In 2022

by 2 years ago
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Rockstar Games

The Grand Theft Auto series is one of the most impressive video game franchises of all time, with each and every release causing millions of people to smash their moral compass with a hydraulic press and live a life of crime in an impressively constructed virtual world. Rockstar manages to outdo themselves with every new installment, including Grand Theft Auto V, which people are still playing five years after its release.

Rumors have been swirling concerning details of the next GTA game practically since the last one was released, and evidence indicates that it’s been in production for the past couple of years— including one report that suggested Grand Theft Auto 6 would take the series to Tokyo for the first time.

However, if recently revealed information any indication, the next installment will be bringing fans back to a familiar location: Vice City.

The Know— who has previously leaked information on other video games that turned out to be true—recently uploaded a video containing a number of previously undisclosed details about the project, including the location, proposed protagonist, and release date.

The game is currently codenamed Project Americas and will reportedly allow players to travel between Vice City and somewhere in South America that’s presumably home to a lot of drugs. It may also feature a playable female character for the first time, which I’m sure will generate controversy for reasons no one can really understand.

At its current rate, it’s believed GTA 6 will be released in 2022 but based on Rockstar’s love affair with delaying their games, that’s probably optimistic at best. At least we only have to wait until October for Red Dead Redemption 2 to drop.

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