Scuba Diver Has No Clue A MASSIVE Great White Shark Is Inches Above His Head In Scary Encounter

This footage has gone viral over the weekend and for good reason. A SCUBA diver in S. Africa was just swimming along, taking in the sights, and having a pretty dope time under the sea when a MASSIVE great white shark cruised the top of his head and came within inches of his scalp.

This is one of the closest Great White Shark encounters you’re ever going to see without a cage involved. Typically, when we see a diver getting this close to a Great White Shark they’re protected within a diver’s cage. It’s not every day you see a diver get a haircut from a shark which clearly weighs over 1,000-pounds:

The video was first shared on the South Africa Spearfishing Facebook page, according to The Inertia. South Africa has long been the #1 destination in the world to get close to Great White Sharks. If you ever want to hop into a diver’s cage and see these amazing creatures up close then South Africa is your best bet to see sharks. There are parts of Mexico which also offer incredible diving opportunities but it’s more seasonal than S. Africa.

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