Guy With Guinness World Record For Traveling Shares What He’s Packing For His Next Crazy Trip

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Shutterstock / Anita Martingano

Earlier this year, Greg Cayea set the Guinness World Record for ‘longest journey by a car in a single country’ after he drove 36,000 miles throughout the continental United States over a span of 122 days. Greg Cayea documented his world record trip on his blog ‘Scrambled Gregs‘, and he picked up a decent social media following on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter with that road trip.

For his next major adventure (which starts tomorrow, November 7th), Greg will be flying into Montevideo and circumnavigating all of South America. This is a trip I’ve always been fascinated by ever since I had to read some biography about Ernesto ‘Che’ Guevara back in college. This trip will take Greg through Uruguay, Paraguay, Brazil, Guyana, Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Argentina, and possibly more.

Cailey Rizzo at Travel + Leisure caught up with Greg to ask him how he’s preparing for his next great adventure. Here’s what he had to say about packing light and how he plans on circumnavigating the continent as swiftly and affordable as possible:

“The plan is to not die. That’s the only plan I have. I plan on digitally hitchhiking as much as possible,” Cayea told T+L. “Grabbing rides from whomever and however, in person, on the internet, social media, whatever it takes, I’ll figure it out.”
Although Cayea plans on the journey lasting between two to four months, he admitted he could end up staying a year if he finds “some off job that seems interesting.” For that entire time, Cayea is packing only the bare essentials: one pair of jeans, a pair of shorts, underwear, socks, hiking sandals, a laptop, a baseball cap and several notebooks. It all fits in a backpack. (via)

One backpack for the entire continent of South America. Noticeably missing from that packing list are things like ‘winter jacket’ or ‘rain jacket’. Even though it’ll be Spring/Summer down there as Greg circumnavigates the continent it can still get pretty chilly in parts of Peru, Chile, and Argentina up at the high altitudes. He’s 100% going to need something to keep him warm.

I have to admit that I’m extremely jealous of this trip. Few things in life sound better than the freedom and means to strike out on a trip through multiple countries for several months, countries with some of the most biodiversity on the planet.

To read more about Greg’s trip you can CLICK HERE to read the Travel + Leisure article, and to check out Greg’s blog you can visit ScrambledGregs.