Guy Is Chased Down A Hill By A Mountain Lion And Captures Surreal Encounter On Video

Guy Is Chased Down A Hill By A Mountain Lion And Captures Surreal Encounter On Video

iStockphoto / JHaviv

  • A man in California was chased down a mountain by a subadult mountain lion (between adult and juvenile) and he captured the surreal encounter on camera
  • This is a good example of what to do if you are ever in a situation where you’re being stalked by a mountain lion
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A man in the greater Los Angeles, California area captured his surreal mountain lion encounter on video. The subadult mountain lion (between adult and juvenile) chased him down a mountain before he stopped and stood his ground, roaring back at the angry and potentially deadly kitty.

Mountain Lion Survival 101 says that if you are ever approached you want to make yourself as intimidating as humanly possible. Make yourself big. Yell as loud as you can. Throw your arms up high and signal to the puma that you are not an easy meal, you are a predator. You can also punch it in the face if all else fails. And that’s what makes this video below a great example of how to react in an encounter such as this.

This mountain lion attack occurred earlier this month on January 8th near Pyramid Lake on the outskirts of Los Angeles. Pumas are found all throughout the state of California and in other Western states so make sure to be prepared if you’re hiking or just chilling in your kitchen. Know what to look out for and how to react (some tips below).

Man Chased By Mountain Lion Stops Attack By Roaring Back (Video)

The roar works. He was booking it down that hill near Pyramid Lake with the mountain lion chasing him. He stopped, turned around, and roared back at the kitty who then retreated into the bushes and stayed hidden. His key to surviving the encounter unscathed was making himself appear as loud and big as possible. That’s why this really is a fantastic example of what to do in a survival situation such as this.

California Department of Fish and Wildlife carnivore researcher Justin Dellinger told Backpacker this was a ‘subadult’ mountain lion. Meaning it wasn’t yet a full adult but it had grown out of the juvenile state.

It’s unclear how many mountain lions there are in the United States. The best estimates suggest there are less than 30,000 of them in the wild and humans account for around 3,000 deaths each year, mostly from car accidents.

Fatal attacks on humans are incredibly rare. There have only been 27 fatal attacks recorded in North America in the past 100 years. The most recent one occurred in Mount Hood National Forest in 2018 and it was the first-ever fatal cougar attack recorded in Oregon.