Confused Guy Somehow Gets Locked Inside A 24 Hour Fitness After Workout, Documents It On Facebook

Guy Somehow Gets Locked Inside A 24 Hour Fitness After Workout


Following his workout at 24 Hour Fitness in Sandy, Utah on Saturday night, Dan Hill found himself locked inside the building. Seriously. This is a thing that actually happened.

Of course, he documented the ironic situation on Facebook, as one should do.

“I am literally locked inside 24 hour fitness right now,” Hill wrote. “They closed the doors and went home while I was swimming my laps in the pool. Doesn’t the name suggests that they stay open 24 hours? Walking around trying to figure out how to get out. I called Sandy dispatch. They told me they’d call me back. I called my wife, she said ‘find a comfortable place to sleep.’ LOL.”

LOL indeed.

As he was bumping around the empty fitness center, Hill realized that he probably shouldn’t try opening any of the doors because there was a good chance he would trigger an alarm.

“So, I called dispatch and the guy pauses for like 10 seconds and says ‘You’re where?'” Hill told ABC 4 News. “And I said, ‘I’m in 24 Hour Fitness, and there’s an alarm system here and I don’t want to get busted for breaking and entering.'”

“I just thought it was kinda funny at the start. You know, it was kinda like Home Alone,” added Hill. “Like oh my gosh. I have this gym to myself.”

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How could this possibly happen? It’s 24 HOUR Fitness.

24 Hour Fitness said in a statement to ABC4 News, “On behalf of 24 Hour Fitness, we apologize to Mr. Hill and the unfortunate experience he had in the 24 Hour Fitness Sandy club, 10365 South 1300 East, when it closed Saturday evening. We made the decision recently to close select clubs in the overnight hours of 12:00 to 4:00 a.m. based upon low usage, among other factors. In doing so, we have been helping members locate to nearby clubs that are open during the overnight hours. We clearly did not do a good job of our closing procedures for this club on Saturday night and will reinforce our club procedures so that this incident doesn’t occur in the future. We continue to be committed to providing our members and guests with the best possible fitness experience at a great value.”

Check out some pics from Hill’s 24 Hour Fitness adventure below…



On Tuesday (at 3:00 am), Hill posted this photo with the caption, “So I’ve felt bad about any poor publicity I may have caused. Despite all the fuss, I still love my 24 (even if it is now my 20). Maybe this is a workable solution…”


Well played, Mr. Hill. Well played.