Guy starts GoFundMe page to pay for his vacation because people might be dumb enough to donate

This is Conner. Conner can’t afford to take a vacation next year.

Conner started a GoFundMe page to raise money to go drinking and tanning.

I learned of Conner’s fundraising efforts because he emailed me with the subject line “Tits dicks and ass! Woo” and had me at tits, lost me at dicks, and brought me back around with ass. The “woo” was unnecessary.

Young Conner is hoping to raise $2,000 to go back to Cuba, or somewhere, for that amount of money. All of the donations will go towards his trip. So far, Conner has raised zero dollars. He’s got a better chance staying home and making potato salad.

If you’d like to donate, check out his GoFundMe page. If you’d like to know who the attractive young woman is in the photo, I’ll let you know when I hit up Cuba next year.

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