Hardcore Pawn Employee Reveals Negotiations Were ‘Real’ And Not Scripted After Show Goes Viral On TikTok

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Hardcore Pawn went off the air on Tru TV nearly ten years ago, but the reality TV show is getting a new lease on life on social media.

For the past few weeks, TikTok users have noticed clips of Hardcore Pawn have taken over their “For You’ page.

One former American Jewelry and Loan employee talked about his experience working with the Gold family while filming the show.

According to the former employee, the show wasn’t scripted, and the negotiations were real.

“I never knew what was coming, any of those items we ran deals with and bought off of people, we never knew what was coming in, those deals were real.

“The stuff you saw with the employees stealing, stuff like that, all 100 percent real.’

“There was other real stuff that happened there too that hit the cutting room floor that you guys never saw because you gotta realize they used to film every day open to close for like 3-4 weeks at a time.”

He did go on to admit that there were some storylines created for TV but said all the customers that came in were real customers.

“Now, were there storylines created, of course, it’s reality TV there are always storylines, most of those customers you saw coming in were actual real-life customers coming in to do business with us.”


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