Hawaii Terrifies Citizens By Sending Alert Of Imminent Ballistic Missile Attack That Was A False Alarm

Many people are on edge because of a possible nuclear war with North Korea. The rogue state has made numerous threats of nuking American territories in the past. With the notion of nuclear armageddon in the back of many people’s minds, this text message alert issued by the state of Hawaii that warned of an imminent ballistic missile attack must have utterly terrified citizens who received it.

Around 8 am local time on Saturday, Hawaii’s Emergency Management Agency (EMA) sent a mass text message alert in all-caps to Hawaiians that stated: “BALLISTIC MISSILE THREAT INBOUND TO HAWAII. SEEK SHELTER IMMEDIATELY. THIS IS NOT A DRILL.” The ominous and horrifying warning was quickly acknowledged to be a false alarm by Hawaii Sen. Tulsi Gabbard and she issued her own all-caps message on Twitter: “HAWAII – THIS IS A FALSE ALARM. THERE IS NO INCOMING MISSILE TO HAWAII. I HAVE CONFIRMED WITH OFFICIALS THERE IS NO INCOMING MISSILE.” Hawaii EMA’s official Twitter account also corrected their false warning by saying: “NO missile threat to Hawaii.”

An EAS alert even appeared on television that warned:

“The U.S. Pacific Command has detected a missile threat to Hawaii. A missile may impact on land or sea within minutes. This is not a drill. If you are indoors, stay indoors. If you are outdoors, seek immediate shelter in a building. Remain indoors well away from windows. If you are driving, pull safely to the side of the road and seek shelter in a building or lay on the floor. We will announce when the threat has ended. This is not a drill. Take immediate action measures.”

U.S. Pacific Command spokesman Cmdr. David Benham said in a statement that PACOM “has detected no ballistic missile threat to Hawaii” and the “earlier message was sent in error.” Hawaii Sen. Brian Schatz: “It was a false alarm based on a human error. There is nothing more important to Hawai‘i than professionalizing and fool-proofing this process.”

It took a mind-melting 38 minutes for the EAS to correct their original text message warning of nuclear holocaust.

Waking up to be told to find shelter because you are minutes from being incinerated is a fuckup of monumental proportions. Do you think the person who told tens of thousands of people that they were about to be nuked lost their job? I’m going with a hard “yes.”


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