Here’s A Woman Posing For A Thirst Trap In Front Of The Beirut Bomb Site

Social media has broken the brains of a lot of people. That’s why Tank’s new account, @influencersinthewild, is such a good thing for society. The only way to get these people to think twice about their behavior is by putting it on display in all its staged glory. The quickest way to make an Instagram pic unsexy is by revealing how the sausage was made. Not that there should EVER be ANYTHING sexy about posing in front of the site of a very recent tragedy.

NY Post

One clueless woman provocatively pushed back her long, blond, curly hair while wearing shades, a royal-blue running bra and matching high heels along with flowered shorts that showed off her midriff for one snapshot on a bridge overlooking the carnage.

She also went behind the lens to capture her male companion striking a glamour shot, with his right hand on his sunglasses, as Lebanese flags flew near them.

What happened here? Meaning, how does this photoshoot idea take shape? Can we give her the benefit of the doubt in that she’s standing in an elevated place, it’s a nice day out, and she didn’t really take stock of what was behind her? Is it POSSIBLE that it never occurred to her that she was using a tragedy as the backdrop for her thirst trap? Or do we think she planned this location to capitalize on all the recent news covering the blast, knowing it might help her engagement? If the latter is true, this woman is truly lost. And we must hate her. We must.

I think she knew. I think you look at that landscape and it has to click in your brain that this was where the devastation occurred. All that said, I do love her outfit tbh.