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Hockey’s ‘Florida Man’ Pat Maroon Returns To Cigar City Brewing For More Shenanigans

Cigar City, Pat Maroon

Tampa Bay left winger and resident Florida Man Pat “Big Rig” Maroon is back at Cigar City Brewing to “help out” with the production of the eponymous Double IPA. Seems like his team’s loss last year hasn’t dampened his mood.

Suffice it to say, Pat wasn’t exactly the greatest helping hand the last time he showed up:

Can you really blame him? When your strengths are icing the puck and downing icy beers, this is about the best you could hope for from him.

This time around, however, the fellas at Cigar City found him something to do that better suits his skills. At first glance, one might think they’re going to have Pat transporting some of his favorite beer. As it turns out, his responsibilities are on a much…smaller scale.

Honestly, getting to play with a miniature RC Florida Man SUV sounds like a great job, especially if it’s carrying delicious, ice-cold IPAs.

Cigar City, Florida Man

As silly as it seems, there’s a reason that we love what Pat Maroon and Cigar City have been doing with the deliciously hoppy Florida Man Double IPA, an incredibly smooth and drinkable DIPA with an 8.5% ABV.

Head over to Cigar City Brewing to find the nearest store to you to pick up a pack of Florida Man DIPA for yourself!

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