Hooters Is Giving Out Free Fried Pickles Thanks To The Government Shutdown


Two of my favorite menu items at Hooters, the greatest dining establishment on planet earth: Hooterade — a boozy blue drink made with with UV Blue Vodka, Blue Curaco, Agave Syrup, and tropicana lemonade modified shake n strain and topped with Mountain Dew — and fried pickles. Those fried pickles give me life, which is why my ears perked up when I heard that Hooters is giving away for free thanks to the government finding themselves in a bit of a pickle.

In a press release, Hooters announced that it’s giving away plates of fried pickles when you order any drink (i.e.: Hooterade!) Exact quote: “While the folks in Washington figure out how to compromise, no one can argue with a free plate of America’s favorite fried pickles, cooked fresh to order with a signature tangy dipping sauce.”

Use the code SHUTDOWN if you’re ordering online. Or just go to Hooters like the proud ‘MURICAN you are and gobble down those apps before tonight or tomorrow. That tangy sauce that comes with the pickles is freakin’ addictive, man. Just trust me on that.

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