Survey Sheds Some Light On How Many People Will Be Giving Up Netflix For Disney+

by 9 months ago
Survey Of How Many People Will Be Giving Up Netflix For Disney+


Come November 12th when it officially launches, Disney+ might be the most stacked streaming service out there — especially if one subscribes to the bundle with ESPN+ and Hulu. But is it good enough to make people ditch their Netflix subscription?

That’s a question the folks over at have been asking. As it stands right now, the most popular streaming service is Netflix, followed by Hulu, then Amazon Prime, so they surveyed several hundred Americans about their streaming habits and found out that a whopping 60% said they would keep Netflix over Disney+ if they were forced to choose between the two services.

Survey Of How Many People Will Be Giving Up Netflix For Disney+

Spoiler alert: you don’t have to choose one over the other, but you probably already know that since over 70% of those surveyed already have two or more streaming options, so adding a third service is just another drop in the bucket.

In the survey conducted by, 69% of the respondents said they think content is more important than price when it comes to choosing streaming services. Nice.

The Disney+ base plan is reportedly going to cost $7 per month, and if you bundle it with ESPN+ and Hulu, then you’re looking at $13 per month. Pretty reasonable.

The average live TV package is around $65 or more per month. Most of the people surveyed said they spend somewhere between $11 and $20 per month on streaming services. So what’s one more streaming service for an additional $7 or $13 a month? Apparently not much, based on the survey’s responses.

About 67% of those surveyed say they will sign up for Disney+ in November, which isn’t surprising considering Disney+ is going to be getting a ton of exclusive content you won’t able to find anywhere else like the new Marvel shows, new Star Wars content, and The World According to Jeff Goldblum.

We’ll also be getting shows and movies from Disney, Pixar, and National Geographic, not to mention all 30 seasons of The Simpsons.

All of that leads 60% of those surveyed to admit that the Marvel and Star Wars content strongly influenced their decision to sign up for Disney+.

So, while it’s certain a lot of people will still remain loyal to Netflix, not everyone will subscribe to both services. What do you plan to do?

Survey Of How Many People Will Be Giving Up Netflix For Disney+

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