Clear A Stuffy Nose And Drain Sinuses In Seconds With This Doctor’s Life-Changing Technique

  • This life-changing technique will clear a stuffy nose and drain clogged sinuses within a matter of seconds
  • Dr. Mandell shares a simple tutorial on how to clear sinuses and a stuffy nose so quickly it’s hard to remember what life was like before gaining this knowledge
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If you’re reading this then chances are you have a stuffy nose, clogged sinuses, or both. Here we see a simple tutorial (video above, written steps below) on how to drain sinuses and clear a stuffed nose within seconds. The cold season brings a lot of discomfort and with these simple steps, life will be forever better.

So the options here are you can watch the video tutorial (above) or you can read the article below (or both). Either way, your life is about to change forever. If you have clogged sinuses and a stuffy nose, this life-changing technique from Dr. Mandell will leave you breathing freely within seconds. Now let’s dive into it.

How To Drain Your Sinuses In Seconds

First, you place your right thumb underneath your left cheekbone. You push in and then out. With your other hand, you’ll grab the lower part of the same side ear and pull it straight out. Hold that for 10 seconds. While doing this you’ll feel the left sinus open up throughout those 10 seconds and your life will begin to change for the better.

Then you take your left thumb and put it under the right cheekbone. You firmly push in and out. With your right hand, you grab the lower portion of your right ear and pull out. Again, you will hold this for 10 glorious seconds as your right sinus releases and your feel that sweet wave of sinus relief.

If those steps are followed, a person should feel nearly immediate drippage as the sinuses begin to release. Relief is on the way. Now we move on to clearing a stuffy nose.

How To Clear A Stuffy Nose In Seconds

First, place two fingers on your nose and squeeze it closed. Once the nostrils are squeezed closed you will take a deep breath. Continue to pinch your nostrils closed while taking a deep breath. After you’ve taken a deep breath you arch your head back almost as if you want to stare at the ceiling.

Keep your head back and hold that deep breath. According to Dr. Mandell, this causes the stuffy nose to interconnect with the brain. The brain will send a reflex action to the sinus region and nasal area to open up. You keep holding this arched back head + pinched nose position for a few more seconds.

When you feel like you cannot hold your breath any longer, you let go of your nose and breathe out all of that air (through your mouth) as your head goes back down to face forward.

Dr. Mandell says “this is like magic” and you can do this technique as often as is necessary. If you didn’t watch the video above, here’s one more chance:

I have had countless head colds over my lifetime. Heck, I’ve had one a month over the past year since my 2-year-old son was in daycare. It is killing me that I’ve only just now discovered this life-changing stuffy nose hack from Dr. Mandell.

how to clear a stuffy nose and drain sinuses

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