How To Trim A Beard Or Mustache – GROOMING GURU Ep. 4

Presented by the Heated Razor by GilletteLabs

We get it. Clean-shaven isn’t for everyone. But even the gnarliest of beards can use some freshening up from time to time, and the Heated Razor by Gillette Labs, complete with its five-blade setup and flex-disc technology, can handle every facial contour and hairstyle and deliver an elevated shaving experience.

For those of us who like to summon our inner-mountain man, we still deserve a quality shave for our senses and a carefully crafted product?

You know, just in case we ever decide to trim it down a bit?

A well-manicured beard, mustache or goatee is just as manly as a mangy one, but it’s way less itchy… your significant other will thank you for that later.


And regardless of your style, one thing that’s constant is the need for a next-level shaving experience, one that helps you be at your best. And that’s the Heated Razor by Gillette Labs, which can handle every beard, every side burn, and even every soul patch.

No matter your beard or mustache style, there’s one constant in all the variables … at some point you need to shave, even if it’s just to keep the neckline tight, or trim down the excess fuzz near your cheekbones.

And that’s where the Heated Razor by Gillette Labs comes into play – no matter how you wear your facial hair, this razor brings unbelievable comfort to the shaving experience, delivering the sensation of a hot towel shave with every stroke.

Heat up your shave today.




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