Here’s How To Get An Extra Life On HQ Without Doing Anything

HQ extra life

HQ is the hottest shit on the planet right now. Maybe that is an exaggeration, but it is hot enough to cause 500,000+ people to stop what they are doing at 3pm and 9pm every day to play a trivia game with the chances of winning cold, hard cash. And that participant number keeps growing every week.

If you’re not familiar with HQ, it is a FREE 12 question trivia game where the winners win actual money. The total pot right now is usually about $2000 and it is split between everyone who gets all 12 questions correct. On Sundays, HQ ups the excitement and raises the stakes to $10,000+.  The app is currently only available on iPhones, but it is supposed to be rolling out on Androids real soon. Like, by the end of 2017 soon.

Ok, so how do you get a free life on HQ? It is actually pretty easy. You just open the app and once you get to the home screen (when a game is not in session) start swiping up (repeatedly) with two fingers and an extra life should appear.

We’re not sure where or who first discovered this trick, but it was initially reported over at Mashable.

Full Disclosure: I just tried this (so did several other people on our editorial team) and it worked for all of us. I am guessing it is either a hidden trick that users would hopefully find or an app glitch that HQ doesn’t really give a shit about fixing. Either way, free lives for all of us! Huzzah!

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