Hugh Jackman’s Bewildered ‘Losing Face’ Was Easily The Best Meme Of This Year’s Golden Globes

Hugh Jackman Face Golden Globes Meme

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Look, I love Hugh Jackman. Dude has more talent than any one person should every be blessed to have. Mix in the fact that he’s handsome and ridiculously fit and bro is truly living the dream.

Unfortunately, one of his dreams, winning a Golden Globe award for best actor for his portrayal of P.T. Barnum in The Greatest Showman was shattered into a million pieces during Sunday night’s telecast when James Franco was announced as the winner.

Jackman’s stunned and bewildered face as he watched Franco’s acceptance speech, was for me, one of the true comedic highlights of the evening. And apparently, I was not alone because the internet, as it has been know to do, turned our buddy Wolverine into yet another glorious meme. Amazingly, Ryan Reynolds was not one of them to do it, however.

No argument here, but Hugh’s going to have to step his game up at the Oscars if he stands any chance of outdoing the sadness Michael Keaton caused by putting his speech back in his pocket at the 2015 Academy Awards.

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