Hugh Jackman’s Diet And Fitness Plan To Prepare Himself For ‘Logan’ Sounds Absolutely Hellish

hugh jackman diet fitness plan logan

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Hugh Jackman is a bit of a physical freak, this much we know from when he deadlifted 410 pounds to become a member of the 1,000 pound club awhile back.

Yeah, these Marvel superheroes, they don’t fuck around when it comes to being in shape.

That being said, what Hugh Jackman, now 48, did to prepare his body for Logan is not something that we’d recommend trying anytime soon.

Reports Esquire

In much the same way Logan goes through hell to survive the bleak near future, Jackman put his body through hell to get that gaunt-but-ripped look by doing a dehydration regime before shoots.

A dehydration regime makes people look leaner, or in Logan’s case, wasted. To do it, Jackman said during an interview on the Late Show that he upped his water intake to about three gallons a day prior to shooting. Then, 36 hours before he was required to appear on camera shirtless, he stopped drinking anything at all. (It takes 100 hours, give or take depending on temperature, to die from dehydration.) That’s in addition to three months of workouts before those scenes. “You lose like 10 pounds of water weight,” Jackman said. He added, “Don’t do this at home.”

Here he is busting his ass in the gym during those three months leading up to the film…

Which, I guess makes sense when even what he does when taping voice-overs for fight scenes looks like this…

Dude has more energy than people half his age. I’m tired just watching him.

Here he is discussing that insane regimen he put himself through with Stephen Colbert