Chris Hemsworth Goes Full-Blown Thor Showing Off Some Of His Super Intense Training Regimen

We have already read what kind of crazy diet Chris Hemsworth has to eat to get in shape to play Thor. We’ve even learned about the incredible diet that his stunt double had to put down every day just to look like Hemsworth.

However, we haven’t actually seen what kind of physical work he puts in to get the body of an Asgardian god.

Until now.

Watch as Hemsworth gives The Rock and Jason Statham a run for their money when it comes to going beast mode in the gym. Bonus points for his growling like a lion during the workout.

Man, just watching him do those curls, rows and bike sprints made me want to take a nap. How about you?

If you are still awake here are some pics and such from the upcoming Thor: Ragnarok which flies into theaters on November 3rd.