Jason Statham Going Absolute Beast Mode Sharing His Insane Workout Regimen Is #FitnessGoals


Action movie star Jason Statham at age 49 is in better shape than almost all of us will ever be at any point in our lives.

So how in the hell does he do it? Well, thanks to the folks over at Men’s Health UK which has Statham gracing this month’s cover, we now get a glimpse into how hard he works out.

Over the years they have collected a plethora of workout data regarding his workout regimen. From his summer training secrets to his 9 top muscle-building tips to various other training tips and workouts they’ve pretty much no stone un-turned.

The most impressive information they have gathered, however, is their access to Statham’s complete workout.

This isn’t from the new issue, you have to buy it to see what’s in there, but it gives us a pretty good idea of the kind of insanity Statham puts himself through to stay in top physical condition.

The best part might be the warning at the beginning of the article

This workout was not designed for you. It was structured specifically for Jason Statham at a certain point in time to account for his goals, his lifestyle, and his conditioning level. So, this is not Jason’s training program, but rather a snapshot of one week in a much longer progression of training. Jason’s regimen is continually manipulated in order to account for the many outside factors that can influence progress. These factors include but are not limited to nutrition, sleep quality, recovery, career demands, and physical injuries. So consider the pages that follow to be a 7-day glimpse at Jason Statham’s ever-evolving workout.

No kidding it wasn’t designed for us.

Here are a few of the highlights, read the entire very in-depth article for the full workout.

1. He warms up with rowing and a pyramid circuit of three exercises: pushups, ring pullups and bodyweight squat.

2. His workout.

This involves just one exercise. Jason starts with a light weight of about 35% of the amount of his 1RM and then slowly starts adding weight and reducing repetitions. As the weight becomes closer to his 1RM [one-repetition maximum]which, for Jason, is more than twice his bodyweight his rest between sets increases to 3 minutes. This allows for nearly complete recovery between lifts.

3. Cool down with 10 minutes on the trampoline.

Oh, yeah, that’s just day one. There are all all sorts of different exercises and lifts for the next 5 days with a little rest finally coming on day 7.

Statham also shared a little taste of what it looks like with some new photos from the issue sure to inspire you the next time you hit the gym…

Nice little dig at The Rock there in that last photo.

I guess that’s how you get a supermodel for a girlfriend, huh?

What a badass.

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