Chris Hemsworth’s Stunt Double For ‘Thor’ Ate 35 Meals A Day And Trained Twice A Day To Get ‘Anywhere Near’ His Size

We already know what Chris Hemsworth had to eat in order to become the jacked Bro we know as Thor – but his stunt double wasn’t so lucky. While Chris seemed to stick with the general 6-ish meals a day plan, professional stunt double Bobby Holland Hanton had to ramp it up in order to transform his body to become anywhere near similar to Hemsworth’s. Describing it as “the most intense” training he’s ever done for a movie, it’s no surprise that he allotted himself a weekly two-hour window for cheating:

He would eat every small meals two hours focusing on ‘high protein, good fats, good carbs’ like grilled chicken or turkey with spinach and natural nuts, and boiled eggs.

The 31-year-old told Muscle and Fitness magazine that because Hemsworth has such lean muscle he could only drink water and green tea, and banned himself from salt, sugar, and sauces.

‘It made me kind of unsociable in a way because you can’t go out with friends or family because you’re picking what you can and can’t in the menu,’ he said.

The diet was so intense he allowed himself a two-hour junk food binge once a week just to ‘keep himself sane’.(via)

Hanton trained two times a day for an hour, five or six days a week, then when they were two weeks away from shooting he increased that to 90 minutes a day, six days a week. “I think if he wasn’t an actor he’d be a stunt performer himself or an American football player” Hanton said, “because he’s huge.”

What took Hanton’s training over the top in terms of difficulty? Oddly enough, the shoes:

Just to make things more difficult, he had to wear two-inch platform shoes to measure up to Hemsworth’s six foot three stature, which was ‘like trying to do stunts with high heels on’.(via)

Remind me to never be Thor’s stunt double, ever.

[H/T Daily Mail]