This Is What Chris Hemsworth Ate In Order To Get Ripped For The ‘Thor’ Movies

In an interview with Elite Daily, personal trainer and friend to Chris Hemsworth, Luke Zocchi, divulged what sort of diet Hemsworth ate in order to get ripped for his leading role in the Thor movies. Explaining that he usually takes between 2 – 3 months to put on over 20 pounds of muscle, Zocchi has Hemsworth eating “anywhere from 3,500 – 4,000 calories a day.”

While that’s enough to make the average person vomit (except not really because over one third of this fucking country is overweight), the extra calories are needed in order for rapid muscle growth. Who eats a steak for lunch? Chris Hemsworth on a bulk, that’s who:

Breakfast would be a four-egg omelet, with a bowl of oats.

He loves steak and salad, so there’s always a steak in there and salad.

A couple hours after [breakfast] he’d probably have some sort of snack like tuna, avocado and cottage cheese. Then there’s always a protein shake in there after every workout.

Probably some sort of chicken and veg meal.

And no, “chicken and veg” does not equate to KFC and a head of broccoli dipped in ranch dressing, aka the condiment of the devil.

As for cheat meals, Hemsworth apparently likes pizza, and when he gets bored of his diet he likes to use hot sauce for some added variety.

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