Insane Video Of Hurricane Irma Ripping The Roof Off Miami Building

Hurricane Irma has brought mass destruction to south and central Florida. Despite the once Category 5 storm hitting the west coast of Florida, Irma is so huge that it inflicted unbelievable damage to Miami. You can see some of the incomprehensible damages in these soul-crushing photos and videos. One of the most amazingly frightening videos from Sunday’s destruction was when Hurricane Irma effortlessly ripped a roof off of a building in Miami. The building, which is said to be located in midtown Miami, had its roof peeled off like the lid of a tuna can.

[protected-iframe id=”38aa4be7158bddfed56052c87e6b46fe-97886205-93291949″ info=”//” height=”600″ class=”apester-media”]

In addition, at least two cranes also toppled from the fierce winds of Irma.

Miami International Airport will be closed on Monday and all air traffic for the state of Florida has ceased.

Earlier on Sunday, a Florida sheriff’s office was forced to tell citizens to not shoot bullets at Hurricane Irma.

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