IHOP Is Taking The ‘Pancakes’ Out Of Their Name To Be IHOb And People Are Shook

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The International House of Pancakes announced that they will no longer be known as IHOP and would change their name to IHOb. Changing the iconic name of the American institution and home of the Rooty Tooty Fresh ‘N Fruity PANCAKES to something completely different has confused many people and frankly has the internet shook.

On Monday, IHOP revealed that they are flipping the “P” in their name to a “b,” to become IHOb.

At first, pancake enthusiasts were taken aback by the shocking announcement. Then internet hypothesized at what the lowercase “b” could be. Guesses ran the gamut and included breakfast, brunch, bacon, bagels, brioche, brocoli, burritos, biscuits, beer, barnacles, baculum, bitcoin, and breakdancing.

Another completely random word that starts with “b” is “burger.” The International House of Pancakes has been around for 60 years and have used the IHOP acronym since 1973. So this name change is a big deal. IHOP will officially change their name on June 11 and that would mean changing the signs on nearly 1,800 IHOP restaurants. That sounds like a back-breaking responsi-b-ility.