Impromptu Van Rave Blasting Vengaboys Breaks Out On Street And Then Police Show Up

Vengaboys have given the world so much in so little time including the mega hits “We Like to Party” and “Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom!!” With the possible exception of Darude’s “Sandstorm” has there been a more celebrated songs. For that very reason is why the DJ of this mobile rave in a van played “Boom, Boom, Boom! !” loud and proud in an impromptu dance party in a street in England.

With the intoxicating sounds of Vengaboys pounding the street, a large crowd gathered for this impromptu rave. Problem is that starting a rave in the middle of the road isn’t exactly legal despite how much bliss it brings to all revelers. The spontaneous party was the work of Trollstation, but soon the police shut down the incredible block party.

This is reminiscent of another impromptu Vengaboys dance party in London that we saw in June, but instead of a van there was one dude driving around with Vengaboys blaring and on repeat.

Long live Vengaboys.

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