In-N-Out Burger Just Opened In Colorado And The Line Is Over 12 Hours Long

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Want to get a bunch of people riled up? Tell them that In-N-Out burger is your favorite burger joint. You’ll instantly subject yourself to a machine gun barrage of opinions either in agreement (…especially from Californians who grew up on the burgers) or you’ll instantly catch hell about how it’s overrated. This almost always leads to a dismissive diatribe about why Fives Guys, Whataburger, Culver’s, or Shake Shake is better, or someone who can’t get past how the fries suck.

I’ll throw out my .02: In-N-Out Burger rules. I’m biased in my opinion as a Californian these days, but I’ve had all the great chain burgers and there’s something about the convenience and affordability of In-N-Out that just hits the sweet spot. In fact, I went on a podcast a couple years ago with my friend Elie over at Foodbeast to talk about why it doesn’t even compare to Five Guys. The people who claim it’s overrated miss the point of why it’s so great: Consistently delicious and very inexpensive compared to what I called “bougie” fast food burger joints like Shake Shake and Fives Guys. Yea, the fries suck but for $8 you’re woofing down a Double-Double Animal style that fills you up, every single time.

When the craving for In-N-Out hits, it hits hard, whether you’re on the way home from the beach or struck with the munchies at midnight after a show.

In the immortal words of Donnie from The Big Lebowski, “those are good burgers, Walter.”

In-N-Out just opened their very first location in Colorado – the very first of 50 planned locations in the Centennial state.

The grand opening brought a massive rush, with a drive-thru line estimated to be two-miles long, making for a 14 hour wait according to the Aurora Police Department.

The stats are just staggering. In-N-Out is expected to serve over 60,000 burgers this weekend at the location. According to tweets from Aurora PD, the last customer had to get in line at 4:30PM.

They’ll get their burgers at 2AM.

As my colleague Connor put it, “you could jump on a plane to LAX from JFK, go to the In-N-Out burger on Sepulveda and Lincoln, go back to the airport and fly back to NYC” in 12 hours.

Kind of reminds me when In-N-Out Burger opened in Texas back in 2011. The line was long, but almost certainly not 12 hours long.

Colorado is just on another level.

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