Dude’s Insane Bar Tab From Las Vegas Hotel Pool Party Over Memorial Day Weekend Is Why I Drink At Chili’s

David Becker/Getty Images for Encore Beach Club

Coming from a guy who will show up in court to appeal a $30 parking ticket, the idea of Las Vegas has always appealed to me more than Sin City itself. If I lose $40 on roulette, someone’s drywall is going to get rearranged. Then again, I am a poor who still wears free t-shirts from sophomore year.

If you’re like me, the following image from a day party bill at Encore Beach Club in Vegas during Memorial Day weekend will make your skin crawl and your wallet spit up dust.

  • Is that $825 bottle of Tito’s infused with Jesus’ blood because I cop that shit for $34.99 at my local packy.
  • Someone explain to me how shrimp ceviche is priced at $24 and chicken fingers clock in at $75.
  • Why spend $156 on 12 sugar free Red Bulls when you can buy an 8 ball from a street performer for $150?
  • If I’m spending $800 on a Venue Fee, you best belief I’m pissing into the pool.


The viral post was outdone by Twitter user David Oro, who went as far to call the dude above a “rookie” for not being as fiscally irresponsible as him. The below receipt is from the Tryst Wynn Las Vegas in May of 2011.

David Oro / Twitter

You can find me at the Chili’s off the strip snacking on a 2 for $20 and bringing my own Tupperware. This shit is for the birds.


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