Citizen Journalist Goes To Boston Death Slide To Give World POV View From Inside The Tube

boston cop slide


Earlier this week, a video of a Boston Police Department officer getting absolutely launched out of a city slide went massively viral as it racked up millions of views across Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, and beyond.

The story went so viral that it began being reported on a national level, which actually resulted in the Boston Police Department having to respond to requests for comment.

It isn’t hard to see why the video has gone massively viral, as there’s just something inherently and primally hilarious about a grown man being torpedoed out of a metal playground slide at a bizarre angle. Most of the tweets about the video include some kind of variation of “I can’t stop watching this”, and I had the exact same experience when I came across it. In fact, I was laughing so hard that my girlfriend yelled in from the other room to make sure I wasn’t having a psychotic break.

Because the Boston Death Slide has become a huge internet phenomenon, questions are now being asked of how and why that officer wound up getting yeeted out of the slide so extremely. Luckily, a committed citizen journalist in the area used his lunch break to investigate the scene for himself and share his documented finding with the public.

In their official statement to CBS News, the Boston Police Department confirmed that while the officer in the video — which was apparently taken by fellow officers — did get injured, he got treatment using his own insurance. Furthermore, the BPD said that the office in question did not miss any time at work as a result of the injury he sustained while horseplaying on the slide.

CBS News Boston also says that while they’ve identified the officer, they are not making his name public as he’s not been charged with any crimes and is not being investigated by the department.