Internet Falls For Fake TV Habits Of President Trump, Now Everyone Wants A Real ‘Gorilla Channel’



While everyone is worried about the rise of fake news taking over their social media feeds, one rather hilarious and purposely false report regarding President Donald Trump’s TV viewing habits went viral. A tweet with over 25,000 shares about President Trump’s love of a Gorilla Channel was pure parody, but many were completely fooled by the fake news.

Ben Ward AKA the mastermind behind the massively popular Twitter account @pixelatedboat, which made the Milkshake Duck meme famous in 2017, posted a fake excerpt from Fire and Fury, a newly-released book about the Trump administration. The faux passage reported that the President has an immense fascination about gorillas. Who among us doesn’t? President Trump’s adoration of primates is so intense that he watches something called “The Gorilla Channel.” When Trump moved into the White House, he noticed that there was no Gorilla Channel on his TV, so White House staff made an improvised Gorilla Channel for the President.

Many believed that the obvious fake report was actual news including New York Times tech columnist Farhad Manjoo who has over 168,000 followers on Twitter, internet personality Eric Garland who has nearly 175,000 followers, and author Shadi Hamin who has over 111,000 followers.

So many were fooled by the obvious hoax that Snopes was forced to debunk the excerpt as a fake story. By Friday morning, @pixelatedboat changed his Twitter username to “the gorilla channel thing is a joke‏” to clarify what was evidently parody.

Those who got the joke, joked about the joke, and we all laughed at the jokes.

Suddenly, everyone wanted an actual Gorilla Channel.

Vice took it upon themselves to give the world a Gorilla Channel or sorts.

When do we actually get a real Gorilla Channel?