Soak Up Some ‘Ted Lasso’ Joy As Season Two Premiere Accomplishes Rarest Of Feats: Uniting The Internet

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The success of Ted Lasso is one of the more surprising television stories of the last few years. That’s a kind way of saying that my big dumb brain was very wrong about the show and its potential.

You see, I’ve been a Premier League fan for quite some time now — played soccer my whole life (snobs who want to crawl up my ass about calling it football, get a hobby, because I use whatever term is best suited for the audience in writing for, which, in this case, is an American one) — so I remember the original Ted Lasso commercials on NBC Sports. They were funny, but they were also shticky: you simply couldn’t imagine the concept being stretched into an entire television series.

Then, when the first trailer for season one dropped — which came at a time that Jason Sudeikis’ career was in the midst of a rut — I specifically remember thinking how awful it looked. As a genuine soccer fan, I legitimately thought the series was going to hurt the game’s brand. What an idiot I was.

Over the course of 2020, particularly as people found themselves in need of something uplifting, Ted Lasso‘s reputation grew like a tidal wave, eventually crashing on the shores of the pop-cultural consciousness and dragging everyone back to its sea of kindness with it. The series racked up 20 Emmy nominations, the most-ever for a freshman comedy, and turned Sudeikis back into the star he was during the first half of the previous decade.

Now that the series is such a massive hit, the premiere of season two is a far bigger deal than the debut of season one, with fans of the series taking to Twitter to celebrate its release.

The season two premiere of Ted Lasso is now available on AppleTV+.

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