Twitter Has Been Having SO MUCH Fun Roasting The New iPhones With One A+ Joke After Another

iphone x 8 jokes memes

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The new iPhone 8 and iPhone X were revealed on Tuesday and while they boast many interesting and/or cool new features the best part about the announcement, at least to me, was all the jokes and memes that the internet came up with to roast them.

I didn’t think anything Apple-related could possibly be more hilarious than when they came out with those wireless earbuds that everyone just assumed they’d lose within a week.

I was wrong. The introduction of Apple’s new iPhone 8 and iPhone X has created reactions like I have never seen before on Twitter. Suddenly every other person has jokes. Amazingly, most of them are really damn funny too.

Yeah! What happened to the iPhone 9?

Another thing people really want to see clarified is Apple’s new Face ID feature because it’s making some folks out there very shook, including none other than John Cena

The man does have a point…

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This guy though, he’s got it all figured out…

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