Deepfake Of Joe Rogan And Chris D’Elia As The Island Boys Is Both The Best And Worst Thing You’ve Ever Seen

island boy joe rogan chris delia deepfake


  • The island boys from TikTok have gotten the deepfake treatment, and this one with Joe Rogan and Chris D’Elia is wild.
  • It’s scary how real the deepfake actually looks.
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If you’ve been on social media more than three minutes the past week or so then you’ve seen ‘The Island Boys,’ and you’ve probably had their ridiculous ‘song’ stuck in your head as well.

The island boys, who are two Florida twins, have gone mega-viral thanks to their ridiculous hairstyle, face tattoos, and just overall persona. They go by the names Flyysoulja and Kodiyakredd and thanks to their off-beat ‘rap’ going viral all over TikTok and Instagram they’ve become an actual topic of conversation, at least on the internet that is.

Here’s a look at the video that caught on and has everyone talking:

Yeah, they’re different, which is why they’ve gone viral.

Given their very unique look, the island boys have been getting the deepfake treatment and this particular one with Chris D’Elia and Joe Rogan as the island boys is both hilarious and horrifying at the same time.

You’re welcome, or I’m sorry, you had to witness that.

D’Elia reacted to the viral video of the island boys on his podcast recently. He quickly came to the conclusion that their parents are both extremely wealthy and that their father is most definitely the second richest orthodontist in the state of Florida. Not a bad guess at all from D’Elia.