The Creator Of ‘It’s Always Sunny’ Is Making An Animated Show And It Sounds Incredible

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Once upon a time, a group of struggling actors with close to no money to their name decided to scrap together a pilot about a group of terrible people doing terrible things. Close to fifteen years later, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia has relied on that formula while becoming one of the longest-running (and rewatchable) sitcoms in the history of television and shows no signs of stopping anytime soon (especially if Glenn Howerton can sort his schedule out).

Most of the show’s cast members— most notably Charlie Day— have gone on to achieve some success in projects outside of the It’s Always Sunny, but creator Rob McElhenney has largely focused on the project that he birthed more than a decade ago. However, based on a report by Variety, it looks like we’re about to be treated to another one of his brainchildren.

RCG, the production company operated by The Brain, The Looks, and The Wild Card,  signed a deal with Rooster Teeth Animation to make an animated comedy created by McElhenney called Spikeface, which will also center around terrible people doing terrible things— only in this instance, the terrible people in question are villains from horror movies.

Here’s the full synopsis:

The series follows “one of the world’s great horror icons,” who slaughters a couple at a roadside motel — before he discovers they have a baby girl and decides to raise the orphan as his own. That pisses off his roommates, who also are iconic horror villains.

Based on the title of the show, it’s likely the lead character will be modeled after Pinhead from the Hellraiser franchise, but it’s unclear if his roommates will be actual horror icons or generic versions. As the It’s Always Sunny Christmas special proved, McElhenney is no stranger to over-the-top animated violence, so I am very, very intrigued.

There’s currently no news on casting, but Spikeface is slated to premiere as a web series at some point in 2019.

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