Movie Fans Are Beginning To Worry ‘Morbius 2’ Might Actually Get Made After ‘It’s Morbin Time’ Trends For A Week Straight

'It's Morbin Time' Trends On Twitter For A Week Straight

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  • Morbius has become one of the biggest memes of the year.
  • “It’s Morbin time” has been trending on Twitter for a week straight.
  • Some are beginning to worry thr film’s popularity of social media will lead to a sequel.

Oh no. Please, god, no. Just when I thought I’d had Jared Leto beaten, the means of my victory — Morbius becoming a historically meme’d movie — might ultimately wind up being the apparatus of my defeat.

While Morbius might only have a 17% on Rotten Tomatoes and a domestic box office gross of $73 million, it can be argued that its cultural impact is as big as any MCU film given the extent to which it’s become a meme. Riddle me this: which character have you seen more of on your social media timelines recently, Doctor Strange or Morbius? If your social media looks anything like mine, the answer is likely Morbius, and therein the problem.

Morbius has become such an omnipresent meme that the phrase “It’s Morbin time” — a line that movie fans have been *pretending* is in the movie — trended on Twitter for a week straight, leading some people to worry that if the culture keeps this up, it may actually convince Sony to greenlight a sequel.

“It’s Morbin time”, a fake quote from the movie Morbius, has been trending on Twitter for a week

Despite the admittedly unprecedented nature in which Morbius has become a meme, it’s hard to imagine Sony truly greenlighting a sequel due to that reason, especially considering that the base of the joke is that both the film and its star are hilariously misguided and misconceived.

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