Someone Has Been Streaming ‘Morbius’ On Twitch For Hours On End, Thousands Of People Are Tuning In And The Comment Section Is Truly Unhinged

Someone Has Been Streaming 'Morbius' On Twitch For Hours On End

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  • Morbius was released on digital platforms on May 17.
  • Despite the widely negative reviews, the film has become something of a cult hit.
  • Earlier this week, thousands of people were tuning into a Twitch stream of the movie.

While the Jared Leto-starring Morbius may not have been a critical or commercial success, it was a cultural success in one aspect: it became a meme. And these days, memes are as present in our lives as any other form of art/media, which means you could argue that Morbius has had a bigger cultural imprint than, let’s say, James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad.

Even as someone who half-jokingly hates Jared Leto beyond reasonable measure, even I could next predict the extent to which Morbius would become a meme, as phrases such as “It’s Morbin’ time” and “selling one Morbillion tickets” and “Morbius fever” have now become part of the pop-cultural lexicon.

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The memeification of Morbius has only amplified in recent weeks as the film was made available to rent and purchase on digital, leading to likely thousands upon thousands of Morb-curious people to check out the film for the first time.

Take what’s been going on over on Twitch this week, for example, where someone not only streamed the film for more than 12 hours straight — the account was named Morbius247 before it was shut down, which suggests the person behind it was hoping the film would play on an endless loop — but thousands of people tuned in, leading to a truly unhinged, Morb-crazy comment section.

Someone streamed Morbius on Twitch for hours on end and thousands of people tuned in

It just goes to show that in the age of memes and TikTok and Twitch and whatnot, there’s more than one way for a movie to leave a mark.

And since you’re here, may as well toss in some extra Morbius memes for good measure. You know, for ultimate Morbification.

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