Jack Black Wants To Make A ‘Nacho Libre’ Sequel So Put On Your Stretchy Pants

nacho libre

Get the corn out of your face and put on your stretchy pants because there could be a Nacho Libre 2! Jack Black informed the world that he wants to do a Nacho Libre sequel and we are all for it.

According to Deadline, Black appeared on the British talk show The Jonathan Ross Show and told the world: “I’ve always wanted to do another Nacho Libre.” let me remind you, this is the greatest movie about a Mexican Catholic priest becoming a masked luchador in order to finance an orphanage of all-time.

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This isn’t the first time that Black expressed interest in making a sequel to Nacho Libre. In 2006, Black said, “I sure hope [there’s a sequel]. I love working with Jared (Hess). I think it’s a good bet that we’ll collaborate on something again. Mike had an idea that it would be Nacho goes to Japan, we’ll see though.”

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However, back in October of 2009, Hess (of Napoleon Dynamite fame) said that Paramount never approached him about doing a sequel to masked crusader. Hess did acknowledge that he’d “love to work with Black again.”

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Nacho Libre debuted in 2006 and made $100 million worldwide with a budget of $35 million.

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Let’s get jack Black back in tights and mask as Ignacio for some supremely funny deadpan humor and do a sequel.

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