A Bidet Used By Beyoncé And Jay-Z Is Selling For A Hefty Price On eBay

Beyoncé and Jay-Z

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As someone who owns a t-shirt commemorating a Ying Yang Twins concert a fraternity at the University of Central Florida organized for charity in 2014, I’m very, very aware of some of the magical treasures you can stumble across on eBay.

The online marketplace has been an invaluable tool for bargain hunters and vintage aficionados for more than 25 years, and you never really know what you’re going to stumble across when you’re browsing its virtual racks and shelves.

Of course, plenty of people use eBay to rake in an impressive amount of cash by selling rare items that can fetch some truly staggering prices, like a jug of McDonald’s Szechuan Sauce that was offloaded for $14,000 in 2017 and a McNugget shaped like a character from Among Us that somehow went for $100,000 a couple of years ago.

As someone who also owns multiple autographed headshots of Mark Ruffalo courtesy of eBay, I can attest the site is filled to the brim with memorabilia associated with celebrities from all walks of life.

Most of those items are pretty run-of-the-mill, but that’s not the first term I’d use to describe a listing hoping to harness the star power of Beyoncé and Jay-Z to drive up the price of a certain bathroom fixture.

According to TMZ, the Los Angeles-based owner of Eric’s Architectural Salvage recently listed a number of furnishings that were reclaimed from the Holmby Hills mansion where the power couple signed a one-year lease in 2015—two years before the owner sold it to a buyer who opted to renovate it.

The owner of the salvage company opted to pounce on that opportunity by listing a few items that ended up in his possession, including multiple doors and some lighting fixtures.

However, the most unique offering is easily the bidet that was (presumably) used by Jay-Z and Beyoncé during their time in the home, which the owner is attempting to offload for the low, low price of $2,400 (the bidet in question features handles produced by Sherle Wagner, a company that appears to harness an “If You Have To Ask You Can’t Afford It” pricing philosophy).

*insert Watch The Porcelain Throne joke here*

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