Jeff Bezos Got Dragged Online For Outlandish $400 Million Mega-Yacht Only For Amazon To Claim It Isn’t Even His

Simon Stacpoole/Offside/Getty Images

Of the 7.5 billion people on the planet, Jeff Bezos is the richest. The Amazon founder is worth an estimated $144.6 billion, amounting to a staggering $4,475,885 per hour and 157 times the median annual worker salary at Amazon of $28,466.

The 55-year-old isn’t exactly a penny pincher when it comes to personal finances. Bezos just threw down $80 million on a 17,000 square-foot, 12 bedroom NYC penthouse just months after Bezos shelled out a record $36 billion to his ex-wife in a divorce settlement.

Many interneters booed Bezos over the weekend for what many believe to be an irresponsible “fuck you money” purchase–The Flying Fox mega yacht that’s reportedly worth $400 million.

The yacht is reportedly 136 meters long and sleeps up to 22 guests, with a 54-person crew. It features 36 guest cabins, 11 VIP cabins, 4 decks onboard, a 12-meter swimming pool, two helicopter pads, and a two-deck spa that includes a gym, sauna, and massage area.

Droves of people expressed their disgust in what they believe is Bezos’ superfluous purchases, especially considering Amazon employees aren’t the most compensated people in the world.

Amazon, valued at nearly $800 billion, was not required to pay a penny in federal taxes this year (or last), but instead received a federal tax REFUND of $129 million. This was due in part to tax credits and deductions.

Welp, get off the ledge young fella, because an representative of Amazon told INSIDER Saturday night that despite the rumors, the Amazon CEO does not own the yacht, and the company doesn’t know who it belongs to.

Turkish media first reported that the yacht was anchored off the coast of Datça, and original tweets claiming that the yacht belongs to Bezos have since been deleted, along with the original photo.

Poor Bezos. Getting bullied online for a mega-yacht he’s never even seen. God, it would be such a big swingin’ dick move if he bought it after the backlash. I’d have no choice but to respect him more.