Jeff Foxworthy Is Getting Crushed For Telling The Most Cliche Boomer Joke Imaginable In New Standup Special

Jeff Foxworthy Gets Crushed For Telling Cliche Participation Trophy Joke


  • Jeff Foxworthy’s new standup special “The Good Old Days” recently hit Netflix.
  • The special includes a corny joke about millennials and participation trophies.
  • Foxworthy has since been crushed on social media for telling such a worn-out joke.

Hey, have you heard the one about participation trophies? You know the one — where a boomer complains about how easy subsequent generations have had it and how coddled we apparently are? You’re familiar, right? Well in case you aren’t, Jeff Foxworthy has got you covered as he recently told the highly original joke during his new Netflix standup special (which is conveniently titled, believe it or not, “The Good Old Days”).

Luckily for Jeff, while his participation trophy joke failed to land, the aforementioned millennials took to Twitter to make it way funnier. And if that doesn’t epitomize Jeff Foxworthy’s career in 2022 — the fact that memes about his comedy are funnier than his actual comedy — then I’m not sure what does.

As many people have pointed on, not only were participation trophies actually invented by Foxworthy’s generation, but this is a man who made his name on telling people they “might” be a redneck and hosting a game show that rewarded boomers for outwitting grade-schoolers.

Jeff Foxworthy gets roasted on social media for outdated “participation trophies” joke

If you are, for some reason, interested in checking out “The Good Old Days”, the standup special is currently streaming on Netflix.

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