Man Who Bought A Private Jet From Jeffrey Epstein Sues For A Refund After Discovering Some Details About The Infamous Billionaire

Jeffrey Epstein private jet refund lawsuit

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  • The man who purchased a private jet the once belonged to Jeffrey Epstein is suing to get a refund
  • Georgia pilot Thomas Huff says the plane is “worthless” after he purchased it from Epstein shortly before the latter was arrested on a litany of charges related to the sex crimes he committed
  • Read more about the infamous billionaire here

Earlier this year, the internet was treated to what may be the textbook example of “Things That Aged Poorly” in the form of a couple clips from the VH1 show The Fabulous Life of… concerning a certain New York billionaire named Jeffrey Epstein.

In the videos, a budget bin Robin Leach dissects the luxurious lifestyle of the hedge fund manager while focusing on some of the luxurious assets he purchased with his fortune, like a private island called Little St. James and his fleet of private planes—including the Boeing 727 that once ferried Kevin Spacey and Bill Clinton on a trip to Africa.

As you likely know by now, the island in question was the site of a series of horrific crimes concerning underaged girls Epstein was accused of trafficking with the help of Ghislaine Maxwell. The jumbo jet, on the other hand, was the infamous “Lolita Express” that used to facilitate them while also hosting hundreds of high-profile passengers many people believe turned a blind eye to (or even participated in) the monstrous felonies he committed.

You didn’t really have to do much research to find out Epstein was a sketchy character prior to his arrest in 2019, but it would appear a pilot in Georgia failed to do his due diligence before deciding to buy a Gulfstream from him around a month before he was nabbed by the authorities.

According to The Washington Post, Thomas Huff recently filed a lawsuit against the executors of Epstein’s estate in the hopes of securing a refund after dropping $3.5 million on the private jet and the LLC associated with it in June of 2019.

Huff alleges Epstein “knew or should have known that his criminal acts which resulted in the victimization and sexual exploitation against children would, if and when discovered, have a dramatic impact on the assets and value” of the purchase.” The pilot asserts he’s missed out on potential business thanks to customers who don’t want to fly on the jet due to the sordid history of its owner, and says he lost an estimated $1.5 million on the transaction after news of the arrest broke.

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