Want To See Someone Catch An 11.5-Foot Hammerhead Shark From A Pickup Truck?

hammerhead shark charges swimmer Panama City Beach

iStockphoto / Martin Voeller

  • Texas fishing guide Jen Merchant reeled in a personal best 11.5-foot Hammerhead Shark while fishing from the top of a pickup truck
  • She caught this beast of a shark (and released it) off the beach in North Padre Island, Texas
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South Texas fishing guide Jen Merchant just reeled in a personal best 11.5-foot Hammerhead Shark that took her 45 minutes to get to the beach. And she did it all while fishing from the top of a pickup truck that was parked on the sand.

I’ve caught some pretty sizable hammerheads before in Florida and I’ve seen some legit dinosaurs out there but I’ve never caught anything close to this size. Jen’s fish measured a whopping 11.5-feet long and she took to YouTube to share some footage of her incredible catch.

One detail of this story that’s pretty wild is how this shark had been hooked relatively recently. They removed fishing gear from the shark that was leftover from previous battles with anglers and also took some DNA samples of the behemoth shark for research purposes.

Here she is posing with this gargantuan shark:

According to For The Win, Jen later said she was still sore two days later from the incredible battle with this shark.

Jen’s a fishing guide in South Texas who targets a bunch of different species. If you’re interested in booking a charter with her you can hit up her website and take a shot at catching ‘Redfish, Trout, Jack Crevalle, Black Drum, Tarpon, Stingray, Sharks, Mackerel’ and more. I’ve never been fishing in that part of the country, South Texas/North Gulf but it’s one of the more abundant areas of saltwater life in the country. So put it on your bucket list if you’re an adventurous angler looking to have a busy day of catching and not just fishing.

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