Threat Level Midnight: Jenna Fischer And Angela Kinsey Are Starting A New ‘The Office’ Podcast

Jenna Fischer And Angela Kinsey Starting A New The Office Podcast

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If you’re like, well, a whole lot of other people, and still can’t get enough of The Office, have we got some great news for you! Real life best friends Jenna Fischer, who played Pam Beesly, and Angela Kinsey, who played Angela Martin, are teaming up to start a brand new podcast called Office Ladies where they will watch one episode of The Office every week and talk about it.

It will be like getting a whole new batch of DVD Bonus Features, you know, minus actually watching the show.

“As we close in on the 15th anniversary of the show, it seemed like a great time to share our stories and behind-the-scenes trivia with fans,” Fischer said in a statement. “Besides talking about The Office, you can also hear us chat a little about our lives, our Target runs together, our friendship through the years.”

Fans of The Office were understandably very happy to finally get some good news after losing their minds when they found out their favorite sitcom will be leaving Netflix in 2021 for NBC’s upcoming streaming service.

Although they did have a few suggestions for better names for Jenna and Angela’s new podcast.

Both of those definitely would have been better.

The Office was such an amazing chapter of our lives and it means so much to us that we get to share some of our memories of filming it with our audiences,” Kinsey said.

Office Ladies will premiere on October 16th on Stitcher’s comedy network Earwolf, Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and other podcast services.