This Wizard ‘Jeopardy’ Contestant Is Lighting The Internet On Fire For Being An Absolute Maniac

An NYC bartender that looks like he’s been waiting for his indie band to take off for two decades has been lighting  the internet on fire for tearing up Jeopardy over the past five days in between playing the fiddle on the subway platform for loose change.

Austin Rogers just won $65,000 on Jeopardy in one day, just 12 grand short of the single-episode record set by Roger Craig back in 2010. Over the five day winning streak, Rogers has hauled in a hefty $188,700. Do you have any idea how many craft beers you can buy with that loot in the Brooklyn bar Austin works at? Probably just 40 or so.

But what interests me isn’t that Rogers is on a record-setting streak, it’s that he’s absolutely dripping with swagalicious arrogance that makes Floyd Mayweather look like Tim Tebow. Trebek even had to reprimand him for swearing during the live broadcast.

Check out this sonavabitch bopping around to the Jeopardy song while his competitors realize they aren’t smart enough to compete with him…

This dude had the stones to wager $15,700 during a Daily Double question. KEN JENNINGS WHO?!

Should I put the human body parts in the basement freezer, Austin?

Some poignant observations:

Long live Austin Rogers.

[h/t The Wrap]