New ‘Jeopardy!’ Host Mike Richards Under Fire Over Racist, Sexist Comments Made On Podcast

Mike Richards

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Newly announced Jeopardy host Mike Richards, who also serves as a producer on the show, is already in hot water before making his first official appearance as Alex Trebek’s replacement.

On Wednesday, The Ringer’s Claire McNear wrote an exposé on Richards and what she found was pretty troubling.

According to McNear, staff members on Jeopardy were blindsided by Sony announcing that Richards was going to be named the permanent host of the show last week.

Via The Ringer

Concerns about Richards extend to the Jeopardy! staff, with a source close to the show telling The Ringer that employees were blindsided by Sony’s announcement and multiple sources describing how staff morale has deteriorated under Richards’s watch as EP.

Richards’ hiring received immediate backlash when multiple sexual discrimination lawsuits from his time as executive producer of “The Price Is Right” resurfaced following the announcement.

McNear also uncovered Richards’ old podcast “The Randumb Show” that aired from 2013 through 2014 and features him making several racist and sexist comments.

During a conversation about nude photos on the podcast, Richards awkwardly asked his female co-host if she had taken “booby” pictures on her phone.

Richards would also routinely mock his co-host’s economic status and berated her for accepting unemployment insurance after she was fired from her job.

The podcast was deleted from the Internet when The Ringer asked Richards about it via email.

Richards went on to issue a statement admitting to deleting the podcast from the Internet and apologized for his comments which he says were “unacceptable.’

Following The Ringer’s article people are asking Mike Richards to step down from his role as Jeopardy host.

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