Joe Rogan And Comedian Ari Shaffir Discuss Tripping Balls On Ayahuasca

  • Joe Rogan brought comedian Ari Shaffir on his podcast as a guest where they discussed Ari’s intense experience with Ayahuasca
  • A ton of mystery surrounds the experience of tripping on Ayahuasca and this is an interesting first-hand account of what it’s like
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There was a time in life when you could’ve gotten me to trip on Ayahuasca in a heartbeat. You could’ve asked me a few years ago ‘hey Cass, want to drop everything right now and go trip balls in the jungle for an Ayahuasca retreat?’ and I would’ve been booking my flight before you could finish your sentence. But these days any time I hear someone discuss their Ayahuasca experience it sounds borderline terrifying.

I actually listened to an excellent Stuff You Should Know podcast episode last week about Ayahuasca, its history, the experience of it, any potential benefits, and its controversies. I highly suggest listening to that episode if you want to learn more about it. I’m mentioning this because it was the first time I’d heard anyone talk about Ayahuasca and mention any of the good stuff versus what you always hear about with the taste, vomiting, diarrhea, and intensity.

That SYSK episode is also a great primer for understanding Ayahuasca and purging which is actually an integral portion of it. You are supposed to purge all of that from your body and they’ll often give you tobacco water to push you over the edge if you don’t get sick naturally.

Here’s Ari talking about tripping for SEVEN HOURS in the jungle:

I guess you know it’s working if your body completely purges itself of food and water and then you start seeing floating fractals and orbs everywhere.

One thing I think has to be mentioned here is how while Ayahuasca continues to penetrate the mainstream with more people learning about it, it becomes important to preserve the experience. If you are planning an Ayahuasca retreat you should do your homework and find a reputable shaman. It is a true and proper religious experience for the Vegetalistas in the Peruvian Amazon. It’s not just taking drugs in the woods and it shouldn’t be treated as such.

If you want a good read on Ayahuasca Shamanism here’s a good article from Cultural Survival you can check out.