Joe Rogan Discusses Bill Cosby Getting Out Of Prison Early And Draws Parallels To A Possible Early Harvey Weinstein Release

  • Joe Rogan had former MTV VJ Adam Curry as a guest on his podcast where they discussed Bill Cosby’s early release from prison
  • The two drew parallels in discussion between Bill Cosby’s early release and a potential early release for Harvey Weinstein and/or Derek Chauvin
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This clip feels like PEAK Joe Rogan. He’s just throwing talking points out there. He’s only asking questions. Nobody’s implying that there are real parallels between Bill Cosby’s case and the cases of Harvey Weinstein and Derek Chauvin. They’re just talking here! This isn’t a knock on Joe Rogan, it’s just one of those moments where it feels like they’re asking questions for the sake of asking questions because it will lead to someone like me writing about it.

Joe Rogan hosted former MTV VJ Adam Curry as a guest on his podcast and they kicked off the segment discussing Bill Cosby being released from prison early on a technicality. There’s no denying Bill Cosby is/was/will always be guilty. That was proven without a doubt and he was sent to prison. He’s a guilty man. But he was freed from prison because of a technicality.

In this clip, Adam Curry discusses how “some people” are saying there’s a possible case for tampering in the Chauvin case and people could lose their minds in the future if he’s released early. Then Joe Rogan brings up a Geraldo article about how what happened to Cosby could somehow possibly apply to Harvey Weinstein’s many ongoing cases in the future. It’s a lot to digest in the opening moments of a podcast.

Again, Bill Cosby was released from prison early because of a technicality. Rogan and Curry mentioned that the prosecutor who made that awful deal should be held accountable and I don’t think anyone alive would disagree with that statement.

But drawing parallels between Cosby getting out early and Chauvin/Weinstein is just so odd to me. Even if they’re posing this all as a thought experiment. Their premise is ‘well if these guys get out, will there be outrage?’ Hell yes, there will be. T think otherwise is insane. People would lose their minds.