Of Course Joe Rogan Has An Excellent Idea About How Iron Man Could Return To The MCU

Gotta feel for Robert Downey Jr. Well, I mean, not really, considering he’s worth more money than I can even comprehend. But still! Here the dude is, trying to promote his apparently dogshit children’s comedy Dolittle, which has been getting absolutely lambasted by critics, and all people keep asking him about is Iron Man.

It’s hard to blame the media, though, as it is largely thanks to Downey Jr. that Avengers: Endgame became the highest-grossing film of all-time, and now, for the first time in over a decade, he’s no longer in that career-defining role.

In the past week alone, I’ve written about RDJ having to talk about Tony Stark on both Extra and The TODAY Show. But luckily, as we all know, Joe Rogan is nothing like the for-the-moms-drinking-margaritas-at-noon hosts of morning talk shows, so this interview — and inevitable conversation about Iron Man — is far more entertaining, especially when Rogan explains how he’d reintroduce Stark into the MCU.

“Here’s what I think, they go through a few semi-lackluster Avengers movies without you. There’s a moment where the world’s fate is at stake and they’ve realized they need a super genius. Then, they figure out how to restart that time machine… You step out of that machine and the entire crowd goes wild,” Rogan says.

That’s the wonderful thing about comic books: the shackles of reality do not apply.

Characters large and game-changing or tiny and insignificant come back from the dead as often as you and I eat cereal for breakfast. Timelines are obliterated as rapidly and regularly as a toddler’s Lego set. Superpowers exist.

The point is, these movies have no rules, which means Iron Man’s eventual return is more than possible.

You can check out Rogan’s full interview with the acting legend here:


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