Joey Diaz Pours Gas On The Fire By Mocking Those Outraged Over 2011 Clip Admitting To Coercing Female Comedians

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Anyone who is familiar with even a sparknotes summary of Joey Coco Diaz knows that you have a better chance getting him to go vegan than you do getting him to kowtow to public outcry.

Joey found his mother dead at 16. His dad died when he was three. He was passed around by four families during his teenage years. Served 16 months for kidnapping and aggravated robbery. He’s reached Artie Lange levels of cocaine abuse before quitting before his cat ingested the stuff. Cocaine is the only ‘C’ word that makes his heart tick upward, the possibility of Cancellation evidently does not.

The 57-year-old comedian and Joe Rogan Experience frequenter came under fire this week after a 2011 clip of him claiming to coerce female comedians for sexual favors in exchange for stage time at a local comedy club went viral. The outrage toward Diaz, the man who admitted to the tactic, paled in comparison to the blowback Rogan received for laughing, which makes total sense in a world that makes none.

At the time of this writing, Rogan has yet to address The Very Big Problem Of Him Flippantly Laughing At His Friend’s Self-Incrimination A Decade Ago, but Diaz hasn’t been shy about poking the hornets nest.

Pouring gas on the fire is a tactic seldom used by those threatened with cancellation. Joey is doubling, tripling, quadrupling down on the guy his new haters hoped he’d be, playing into their hands while also controlling the narrative. Re-writing the cancel book.

Did Joey Diaz just become uncancellable?


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