Joe Rogan Under Fire After Old Podcast Clip Shows Him Laughing While Friend Joey Diaz Brags About Creepily Coercing Female Comedians

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Joe Rogan is facing some intense scrutiny from social media users over an old podcast clip from 2011 that resurfaced on Friday night.

The clip shows Rogan laughing while his longtime friend and guest Joey ‘Coco Diaz’ brags about coercing female comedians for sexual favors in exchange for stage time at a local comedy club. The clip resurfaced just days after comedian Chris D’elia was accused of making sexual advances towards underage girls on social media.

Joey Diaz “You think I’m fucking kidding? Yeah, you’ve got to suck my dick to get up to [venue] the Belly Room. I’ll make a call for you. That’s the fucking gateway into Hollywood, everybody knows that.”

Joe Rogan: “How many girls did you have do that?”

Joey Diaz: “20.”

The clip resurfaced on Twitter on the 17th but gained steam on Friday when it was reshared by several prominent users on Twitter.

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