John Cena Drops Hint He Could Be The Next Captain America And The Internet Was Not Thrilled

John Cena Next Captain America Reactions

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While he may have the hair for the role now, does anyone really want to see John Cena take over the role of Captain America from Chris Evans?

The reason for the question is because, after Cena dropped a cryptic Instagram post (that’s the only kind of posts he makes, by the way) showing Captain America’s shield and no caption, people on the internet were thrown into a bit of a tizzy.

Now, we already know that Chris Evans is done (we think) playing Steve Rogers after the events of Avengers 4: The One Where Thanos’s Snap Doesn’t Count, but John Cena? Aren’t Falcon and Winter Soldier in line to wear the costume before some new guy?

While Cena has been doing his best to become the next Rock, appearing in films like Daddy’s Home 2, Ferdinand, and the upcoming Bumblebee, scoring a major role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe would be a next-level acting role for the 16-time WWE world champion.

Unfortunately for him, not everyone would be on board for such a move, despite Cena’s all-American persona.

I think I too am going to have to lean towards saying “no” to Cena taking over the role of The First Avenger.

Then again…

Also… U.S Agent? Now that I could see.


So much to digest. Thanks, Cena.

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